The Dolls' House Colouring Book
The Dolls' House Colouring Book

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Описание: My Giant Sticker and Activity Dolls House Book (Giant S & A Dolls House. Название: The Dolls' House Год / месяц: September 2015 Формат: PDF Размер: 25. Sticker Doodle Doll's House Colouring Book - Sticker Activity Colouring Doodle. Colouring Book Drawn by Emily Sutton, illustrator of the best-selling Clara Button books, each page is based on a dolls' house. This exceptional how-to book shows you the ins and outs of making fabulous hats for y. A delightful first colouring book for little children, with stickers to add to the charming doll’s house scenes. The Dollhouse Book is a drawing book with 30 blank pages that magically turns into your own dream dollhouse with 15 changeable rooms. Nisbett (The Complete Dolls House Book) provides a pictorial guide to miniature English .

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