Training Your Dog
Training Your Dog

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Описание: Whether choosing a pedigree or a mutt, find out how to make the most of your relationship with your. About the Author Bruce Fogle DVM, MRCVS runs a veterinary practice in London and lectures on animal behaviour at ve. How to Understand and Train your Bulldog Puppy or Dog Guide Book Vince Stead. Handy guides that use pictures to give readers the information they need. If Your Cat Could Talk A Language Course for Humans Bruce Fogle - Продолжительность: 0:13 Strel. 101 Essential Tips: Training Your Dog, by Bruce Fogle, Dorling- Kindersley, May 1997, Paperback ISBN: 0789414600 Order this book. Bruce Fogle gives authoritative advice on routine care for every stage of your dog. This title features one hundred and one nuggets of practical information that take you stage. Новый взгляд на происхождение, поведение и эволюцию собак Лорна Коппингер, Раймонд Коппингер. Bruce Fogle's unique RSPCA-approved programme that concentrates on training with kindness, using food rewards and . From the author of the ASPCA Complete Dog Care Manual, Know Your Dog, and Know Your Cat comes a thoroughly practical guide to all aspects of dog training. A comprehensive RSPCA-approved programme that covers all aspects of dog training – from house-training a puppy through to introducing your dog to. Bruce Fogle, the best-selling authority on the behaviour, veterinary care and training of dogs. After graduating from Ontario Veterinary College, he pursued his postgraduate veterinary training at the. This title features one hundred and one nuggets of practical information that.

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